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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pride work?

Virtual Pride will be happening across multiple platforms. We are partnering with well-known creators and field experts to provide educational and expressive content daily. Our creators will be posting videos with trending hashtags and sending in content that has a chance to be featured. There will be daily themes that fall under the categories of Arts/activities, History, Cross-cultural events, Wellness/Self-Care, and Politics/Activism. Informative and inspiring youtube videos will be posted that anyone can watch and artists will be able to submit designs for our online Pride store. All of the proceeds we make from this event will be going to various LGBTQ+ charities. 

I made art for Pride, how can I submit it?


You can either email us at virtualpride2k20@gmail.com and make the subject “Art Submission". Just make sure to say your name and username so that we can give you credit for making it.

How can I get involved in Pride?

Keep an eye on our Instagram for how to participate in the big events such as Prom and The Parade! As far as daily participation, post content relating to the themes and check our Tik Tok account for our daily featured creators!

Are there specific times each day that videos and events will be posted / starting?


Our creators will be posting through the entire day each month of June! The exact times of our big live-streams have not been decided yet, but they will be posted soon!

What kind of art can I submit (ie. music/songs, traditional, digital)?

You can submit any type of art that you want to! There are no limitations! Some art will even be featured on our Pride Store (most of these will be digital art because that is what transfers best to stickers, t shirts and posters)

Where will the bigger events be held (ie. Parade, Prom, etc)?

The platform we will be using is Streamyard. The details will be announced on the Virtual Pride Instagram.

Is there a deadline for art submissions?


We will be accepting art all month long!

What social media platforms?


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok

Is there an age limit?

Pride is open to everyone and all ages!

Who can participate?