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To me, pride is the celebration of self. Too often are we as humans, forced into a box of social acceptability. Pride is about stepping out with our LGBTQ+ family saying "here I am, and I love me."


Pride to me is the love that we sometimes struggle to give ourselves for simply being who we are.



Pride to me is the time I can be myself without worrying about people judging me, we all have different sexualities but we all want the same thing: being respected. I went to the pride parade in Amsterdam last year with my best friend (she surprised me with it) I didn’t need to worry about my parents finding out I could just do what, I want dress how I want, act how I want, talk to who I want, ... it was amazing. Pride means the world to me”



Pride is something that many see as bad, or even a sin. But with everything the world had been through and the lgbtq+ community has been through, I think that it isn’t a bad thing to be proud we survived. To be proud that we embrace ourselves even if we lose everything and everyone, we still are our true authentic selves. And I think that’s a pretty cool thing to be proud of :)



Pride is a recognition of how far the lgbtq+ community has gone over time and reminding people that all are accepted.



Pride to me is a sense of belonging. I've struggled all my life with identity and finally I know who I am. I can tell people who I am and know its true. it just makes me feel at home.



Pride to me means being able to be yourself somewhere where everyone is accepted and everyone feels at home and welcome



Pride is a time to come together, show our strength, be ourselves, and show that we are thankful for the people before us who fought for our rights.



To be part of a community and to be my self.



Pride isn’t just an excuse to ‘be different’ or to ‘seek attention’ it is a beautiful celebration of how far we’ve come in terms of representation and acceptance, and a reminder of what we still need to do.



Pride to me is loving who we are, labels or no labels. Coming together to celebrate the way we love and remembering those who have conquered the oppression we have faced and will face.



To me pride is the freedom to be myself in a world filled with oppression and hate. it's a chance to yell out that I'm here and that I'm not leaving any time soon, that I will not be silenced no matter what the world says or does about it. that I have a family of millions of people just like me, and that I'm not alone 🌈✊



Pride is an homage to past queer fighters and a celebration of the ability to be yourself. pride allows me to embrace all of my beautiful queer trans self in a non-cishet centric environment.



Pride is our community’s way of screaming out that we are here and we’re here to stay!! it’s our way of encouraging each other, whether we’re in or out of the closet!



 For me the pride month is a month

where I can be more proud about my sexuality, I don’t have to be afraid of the comments of others even if they are sometimes very painful.  It is an environment of acceptance, where I can celebrate all the people that thanks to them today I can be free.  I have waited a long time for this pride month as it is my first out of the closet, I am really excited.



Pride means to me that no matter who you are you are loved and cared for in this community even if your parents does not support you will always found love in this community and that what pride means to me.



To me, pride is an act of acceptance within yourself, accepting your place within the community and celebrating that for others.



Pride means standing up for what you believe in and being welcomed with open arms.



Pride is more than just a month long time to celebrate acceptance and love of the LGBTQ community. It is a time to reclaim ourselves after years of being pushed aside and be recognized. People can show their strength and beauty inside and out and be proud of who they are.



Pride means that you come together as one whole community and you love each other just the way they are, no matter what. Some people don’t have acceptance at home or where they live, and pride is a way to escape the realities or discrimination and hate.



Pride for me is about celebrating the existence and progress of our community as well as bringing us together.